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Nanjil Milk Plant is a name to reckon with in today’s dairy manufacturing industry in India. A company that associates itself with quality and latest technology, Nanjil Milk Plant has been marketing high quality dairy products under its brand “NANJIL”, which today has become a trusted name among dairy products. The company is owned and managed by promoters having over 20 years’ experience in the field of dairy products and have given Nanjil Milk its standing in the competitive markets. Setting standards of excellence in its entire range of dairy products, Nanjil Milk is today considered a class apart even by its competitors. It’s well known brand NANJIL MILK and NANJIL GOLD is a result of this enterprise, thus creating a league of its own.
Increasing the revenue of the farmers and empowering them to save through a rotary fund. Promoting economic and eco-friendly sources of energy. Increasing the cattle population and their productive potential for a white revolution. Training the farmers to raise cattle in a more scientific manner and to produce clean and quality milk. Installing a pasteurization plant to ensure regular purchase and to promote dairy products. Establishing a commercial network for marketing dairy products.
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