Rural Motivation Programme:
Rural Motivation Programme (RMP) as its very name indicates thrives for the sustainable development of the marginal farmers and agricultural laborers of the district of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. RMP was started by Rev. Fr. James Thomber, a Belgium Priest in 1954. His early interventions had a co-operative nature. He started co-operatives for the farmers, Palmyra climbers and weavers. His early achievements include a palm juice sugar factory and an irrigation system (canal) having a length of 34 Kilometers. The second phase of RMP's development exercise pointed to community development. Sangams (associations) (RDS) for farmers and women were formed throughout the district. In 1982 RMP was merged with KSSS. RMP wanted to strengthen the farmers economically by encouraging thrift and small savings. But, it was not very successful for the following reasons:
  • The employment, the farmers and agricultural laborers had, was seasonal and partial.
  • The income was meager and it was not even enough to make the ends meet.
  • The farmers were in need of some support to increase their revenue.
So, in order to rectify the above mentioned problems, through KSSS, RMP placed before MANOS UNIDAS the Integrated Dairy Development Programme.
Integrated Dairy Development Programme [IDDP]:
  • Programme of Kottar Social Service Society
  • Supported by MANOS UNIDAS, Spain
  • Aims at empowering the marginalized farmers
  • Teaches the farmers rear cattle in a more scientific manner
  • Feed/ fodder management, Health care of calves, Artificial insemination, vaccination and insurance are promoted.
  • Renders support to erect bio-gas plants
  • Federates the milk producing farmers
  • Creates rural employment and self employment
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