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The Goal:
Improving the standard of living of the marginal farmers of the Kanyakumari District, by increasing their income.

The Objectives:
  • Increasing the revenue of the farmers and empowering them to save through a rotary fund.

  • Promoting economic and eco-friendly sources of energy.

  • Increasing the cattle population and their productive potential for a white revolution.

  • Training the farmers to raise cattle in a more scientific manner and to produce clean and quality milk.

  • Installing a pasteurization plant to ensure regular purchase and to promote dairy products.

  • Establishing a commercial network for marketing dairy products.

Agricultural sector is a neglected sector in the Indian sub continent. Though agriculture is the lifeline base for about 70% of the people of India, it has been sidelined by the various governments of India. In this context the plight of marginal farmers and the agricultural laborers is really pathetic. A large section of such people remains under the poverty line. The situation is not better in Tamil Nadu state or in Kanyakumari district. All the more their agonies have been intensified due to the scant rainfall and severe drought. This situation has deeply diminished the fortunes of the farmers and reduced their revenues to a great extent. They have been placed in utter hopelessness. At this juncture, the Integrated Dairy Development Programme has come as a heavenly boon for them. The loan assistance, employment offers and the self-employment opportunities have helped many a family survive starvation. Moreover, the programme has inculcated the habit of drinking milk and which makes the people healthy. The cattle population as well as their productivity has been increased. Quality milk production also has been ensured. The programme has formed able leaders from among the farmers. The programme is gradually maturing into a prestigious institution in the pursuit of bringing about a 'WHITE REVOLUTION' in South India.
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