Activities Undertaken
  • Awareness Programmes for the farmers
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Supply of Mineral Mixture
  • Production of Quality Cattle Feed
  • Feed and Fodder Management
  • De-worming of cows and calves
  • Promotion of Artificial Insemination
  • Group Animal Insurance
  • Promotion of Bio-gas
  • Formation of Milk Societies
  • Establishment of Chilling Centres for quality milk procurement
  • Erection of Pasteurization Plant
  • Creation of a network for marketing milk and milk products
  • Arranging Consumer Awareness Programmes
  • Imparting ISO training programme for the staff
  • Arranging refresher programmes for the plant staff
  • Organizing the local children
  • Conducting exhibitions for the school children
Animal Health Care:
  • First Aid & Treatment Services: Regular health checkup on every day, treatment to health related problems like anorexia, bloat , calf scour,
    Navel ill, mastitis, milk fever, horn injury, wound and other minor and major health problems
  • Deworming: Regular and proper deworming done for healthy growth of heifer calves and Milch animal
  • Vaccination: Timely vaccination for foot and mouth disease and vaccination for hemorrhagic septicemia, black quarter and anthrax
  • Breeding Services: Detection of Heat symptoms, performing Artificial Insemination, treatment of gynecological problems such as failure
    to conceive, repeaters, Anoestrum, Pyometra, ROP, Endometritis etc
  • Mineral Mixture: trace mineral supplementation to meet requirement of minerals and vitamins for health and production
    Supplementation of trace minerals can be carried on animal blood test values, trace minerals helps to maintain natural immunity and make animal stronger
  • Tagging and recording: To identify problems such as infertility as soon as they arrive and help to increase feed intake and decrease metabolic disorders
  • Feeding Calves: Correct and proper feeding of calves and young stocks
  • Pedigree Register: Register maintained for number of artificial insemination for consumption, calf birth
Feed Management & Productivity:
  • Feeding milch animals based on the requirement and matching the milk production
  • Cost based feeding, providing required green fodder based on protein requirement
  • Tie-up with various nationalized bank and private bank towards loans for buying animals
  • Arranging insurance for animals to protect the farmer against all variables
  • High quality mineral mixture supplement at affordable cost to the farmers to increase daily milk yield and fat content
  • To improve overall health condition of animals
  • To facilitate good growth of young calves, boost the immune system and help them to attain early maturity

  • To improve re productive efficiency of milch animals leading to reduced inter calving period.
Assured Income:
  • 100% buy back of the milk produced by the farmers
  • Attractive and assured fixed price given to the farmers
  • Prompt payment to the farmers
  • No middle man-direct farmer-company relationship
Co-Ordination with Government Animal Husbandry Department:
  • To control FMD outbreak
  • Mass Immunization
  • Ring Vaccination for Preventive Measures
  • Co ordination for Anthrax outbreak control
  • Co ordination for Diseases affected area
Social Commitments
  • Supporting Higher Education by aiding poor students
  • Higher education aid to KIDSS organizational member's children
  • Appreciating & giving awards to meritorious students in Kanyakumari District, milk supplying farmer's children, milk sales agent's
    children, Nanjil Milk consumer's children and staff children
  • Giving short term and Long term Loans to Farmers
  • House building aid to Staff members
  • Motivating people through Active participation in .................
  • Helping Drought-Affected Farmers by supplying water and fodder
  • Generously Donating for Relief Funds at the time of disaster and natural calamities like Earth Quakes, Floods, Tsunami
  • Supporting to the societies by conducting the special awareness programmes against Drug Addiction, Against Dowry,
    Against Plastic usage, Education to All, Against Aids and Protecting Nature.
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